Turn the Tide

World Peace

Humanity is at a pivotal tipping point. We are drowning in a sea of senseless violence that threatens every corner of the globe, every culture and creed. History is marred by the mistakes of ignorant minds. If we don’t learn from these mistakes, then we’re destined to follow the same mindless path, leaving only death and destruction in our wake.

I refuse to embrace the defeatist momentum that’s infiltrated every facet of society, from profiteering politicians polluting government while preventing progress, exploitative media misleading the masses, to corrupt corporations whose insatiable greed bleeds the earth and its people dry.

WE must be the ambassadors of peace. Every voice matters. Every act of kindness and compassion combats cruelty. Every moment spent cultivating understanding, wisdom, and acceptance, is a step towards turning the tide.

Well chosen words have the power to influence and evoke change. Use that power to manifest a positive future, where we consciously turn away from an apocalyptic fate and work towards restoring the balance between humanity and nature, while fostering relationships that respect diversity.

Together, we stand on the precipice of possibility. This world belongs to all of us–it will take all of us to save it.

Wishing you & yours a peaceful, happy holiday!


Aeralie Brighton’s The Christmas Song,  Cover by Ryo Ishido

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) by Aeralie brighton

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InsecureWritersSupportGroupIWSG, a community of brilliant writers led by Alex J. Cavanaugh, meets the first Wednesday of every month. Visit the Insecure Writer’s Support Group website and database! You’ll find  everything from writing to marketing, along with encouragement and support!

To Encourage and Inspire

ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD2 samThere’s no better way to jump back into the writing community than joining WEP’s fun-filled challenges! Support and kindness run through the veins of this talented group. At the prompting of my dear friend & brilliant writer, Damyanti, I tossed my literary hat into the “Spectacular Setting” ring, where Yolanda Renee & Denise Covey rolled out the virtual welcome mat and made everyone feel right at home. I’m honored to be the recipient of their encouragement (special thanks to Donna Hole) and will take this as a sign that I’m traveling down the right path.

The feedback was especially reassuring, since the excerpt I featured, The Weight of Wonder, was taken from my YA fantasy novel, Architects of Illusion. As I wrestle with the final draft of this beast, I find myself questioning what it is, exactly, that I wish to accomplish in literature.

Really Slow Motion – Illume – Rain Boy – Phillip Lober

My writing has evolved into something more. I dream of traveling well beyond the act of telling a compelling story that resonates with readers across the world.  I want my words to not only capture the imagination, but inspire and encourage, with layers of deeper meaning that reaches into a reader’s heart and strengthens from within. I want to be a driving creative force that awakens the mind and charges the spirit to see past the impossible in a world where limitations reign.

What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

This is Epic Music Vol 1Unravel the mystery of UNCHARTED by September 7th HERE, and YOU could bring home a signed, This Is Epic Music Vol. 1, via co-founder & president of Immediate Music, award-winning composer, Yoav Goren!

InsecureWritersSupportGroupIWSG, a community of brilliant writers led by Alex J. Cavanaugh, meets the first Wednesday of every month. Visit the Insecure Writer’s Support Group website and database! You’ll find  everything from writing to marketing, along with encouragement and support!

The Weight of Wonder

I’ve joined in the “Spectacular Settings BadgeSpectacular Settings” fun, where the Write Edit Publish gang shares an inspiring setting along with one of their own creation!

Luckily, setting and I are well acquainted, after spending the past 100 days in the grips of  The Great Discontent’s Instagram #100DayProject , sharing oodles of my photographs featuring Biltmore Estate, the magical setting of my upcoming YA fantasy series, Architects of Illusion (think Harry Potter meets Night at the Museum with a Greek mythology spin).

Nestled a mere 5 miles from my humble abode lies the 1895 jewel of Asheville, NC–George Vanderbilt’s 250-room chateau, crowning 8,000 sprawling acres of a majestic mountain paradise. Every detail of Biltmore lends weight to its wonder, sparking my imagination and unveiling the magic within.

It is here, where our story begins, in the mystical heart of the Olympians. Forged by Hephaestus, ruled by Hera, and run by the Muses, Olympus rests in the boundary between our world and that of myths. It is a place of power and illusion, where statues draw breath at dusk and dawn, legendary creatures lurk in every corner, and the fate of mankind rests in the young minds of those chosen by the gods.

Biltmore Front Lawn_1

I raced past rows of tulip trees, the whispers of dryads trickling from their laughing leaves. Rain licked at my skin and kissed the carpet of grass that stretched before me. The shimmering forms of Hyades pulled out from the sheets to dance amidst the drops. Petrichor, leader of the water nymphs, slipped in beside me. Flashing a mischievous smile, she motioned for me to follow.

We darted past the trio of drowsy tortoises, their necks reaching out towards us, patina beaks dripping with liquid secrets.

I tore up the slanted stairway, my hands sweeping across its jagged limestone throat. At the top, Petrichor stopped to stoop behind the rocky railing, her translucent finger pressed against slippery lips, urging me to be silent. I sunk to my knees and peered through the wall’s teeth, searching the lawn for the prowling lion.

© 2015 Samantha Redstreake Geary

Day 100_Biltmore

Clouds, swift and dark, swept the rain across the dusky sky towards the mountains. Petrichor and her Hyad sisters slipped away with the wind, leaving me surrounded by silent sentinels. Behind me, the towering hemlock Dryads flanked the boundary between the wild woods that spilled over the landscape, and the wave of majestic elegance that broke into the clearing.

The glass eyes of the manor winked with light as shadows crept across its face. The last fingers of sunset played along its edges, setting the stone ablaze. I felt the pull of dusk upon the veil of magic, letting loose spirits both benign and savage.

The clicking of hooves over gravel pulled my gaze to the gates. Atop the pillars, the sphinx stretched the stone from their limbs. The lavish carriage sped beneath them,  pulled by a pair of bare-chested men with long, fair locks, their flesh fading into the familiar hindquarters of horses. The soft green glow of a Naiad broke the surface of the fountain as they passed, curiosity tugging her to the water’s edge.

I spied my playmate dashing alongside the coach, his stone paws muffled by the grass. In one powerful leap, he settled back upon his pedestal, suitably fierce, before the coach came to a stop.

A powerful current sent my nerves skittering with a sense that whoever was inside that carriage carried the winds of change. Our fates were intertwined, the connection charging the air like a living thing. I knew, in that moment, my life would never be the same.

© 2015 Samantha Redstreake Geary


Uncharted BannerAfter a lengthy hiatus, I’m back on the virtual block! A combination of personal challenges, novel edits and exciting projects have pulled me away from blogging. It dawned on me last week, after receiving a caring message from a friend, that I really MISSED interacting with my blogging buddies. You guys make the blogosphere an amazing place and I will do my very best to reconnect! If you haven’t already, find me on FB, Twitter & Instagram, where I’m most active!!

I’m in the final draft stages of my debut YA fantasy novel, Architects of Illusion! Over the past several months, I participated in The Great Discontent’s #100DayProject, releasing sneak peeks of the novel’s magical setting via Instagram in collaboration with Biltmore Estate! Step into a world of myth & mystery HERE!

Day 26 Playlist: Two Steps From Hell - Battlecry - Star Sky (feat. Felicia Farerre)  When the sky is ablaze with the flames of a fading sun, and the slated ceiling of Olympus is steeped in shadows, the Goddess of the heavens slips beneath a blanket of stars. They are the guardians of her memories, her story written in their shimmering dust. A fragment of her fate flickers across their faces and falls, painting the horizon with a silent promise. Her love has returned. She can feel the moment his soul touches the earth.

I’ve also been working with an amazing creative team to create an innovative album campaign fusing video graphics, epic music and custom narrated storytelling! The result is UNCHARTED, a visionary reimagining of Greek mythology and ancient history, where the mystery behind the world’s most extraordinary discovery comes to life through the collaborative efforts of graphic designer, Koke Núñez Gómez, recording artist, Aeralie Brighton, and author Samantha Redstreake Geary, under the influence of Immediate Music & Imperativa RecordsThis Is Epic Music Vol. 1.

Unravel the mystery HERE, and YOU could bring home a signed This Is Epic Music Vol. 1 via co-founder & president of Immediate Music, award-winning composer, Yoav Goren!

This is Epic Music Vol 1

InsecureWritersSupportGroupIWSG, a community of brilliant writers led by Alex J. Cavanaugh, meets the first Wednesday of every month. Visit the Insecure Writer’s Support Group website and database! You’ll find  everything from writing to marketing, along with encouragement and support!

Keeping Score


I’ve had an affinity for music all my life. Not just any music, mind you. Film scores.

By the time I was ten, I could play entire soundtracks on the 100-year-old upright piano my supportive parents purchased from an Old West saloon in New Mexico. I had a knack for playing by ear and a photographic memory for music, which both infuriated and delighted my music teacher. There was no sheet music for what I wanted to play, so I stopped reading notes and surrendered to the scores of music stored in my head.

Even as a child, films pulled me in, not by the storyline or special effects, but by the power of their music! It was the musical genius of composers that brought movies to life! My imagination thrived on a steady influential diet of Hans Zimmer, John Williams, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, Alexandre Desplat, Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore, John Barry, Rachel Portman and Danny Elfman, to name a few.

Even now, the music of motion pictures stirs my creativity, each line of prose lured by the siren song of instruments whispering stories. Apparently, I’ve acquired a fondness for the sound of ivory keys striking antique strings, since I still play scores by ear, on a 1935 baby grand.

When Alex J. Cavanaugh asked the writing community to recommend their favorite “treasures”, I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my most cherished musical journeys.

A treasure trove of inspiration awaits!






Underrated blogbutton_Alex2014 Join Alex in sharing your creative treasures

with the global writing community! 

Find out what other gems await discovery, HERE!

A Movement of Hope

be the change you wish to see in the world

A movement of hope has swept across the globe in the most successful charity event in history! Waves of kindness and empathy have raised over $106 million for ALS–funds that will make the difference between life & death for thousands of souls suffering in the deadly grip of this debilitating disease. 

The overwhelming worldwide support shows the remarkable potential for humanity to unite for a common good. With this massive collective effort, the possibilities of what we can accomplish are endless. It is my fervent hope that this phenomena will inspire us all to work together in a common call to action!  WE can truly be the change we wish to see in the world!

Peter Frates’ story–the driving force behind the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”
Support Gregory Kenoyer (Shannon Kenoyer Lawrence’s awesome Dad) in Denver Walk to Defeat ALS
Donate to ALS Association

In the video clip below, where I met the frigid end of a wine bucket in Biltmore’s front lawn (the setting for my YA novel series, Echoes of Olympus), I challenged…

The Entire IWSG

Along with Biltmore Estate, Hans Zimmer AND my fellow IMAGINE team members, EpicMusicVn, Koke Núñez GómezReally Slow Motion, Epic North Music, audiomachine, & Two Steps From Hell!

Grab a bucket, donate $$, and join us in this historic movement of change!

Tina's Sunflowers at Sunset  Sunflowers for Tina

Join us on September 8th for a community memorial tribute celebrating the spirit of Tina Downey

Epic IMAGINE ALS Ice Bucket Challenges


IWSG, a community of brilliant writers led by Alex J. Cavanaugh, meets the first Wednesday of every month. Visit the Insecure Writer’s Support Group website and database! You’ll find  everything from writing to marketing, along with encouragement and support!

Heroes of Phenomena Book Launch!

Heroes of Phenomena_Jennifer Redstreake Geary

Cover design by Jennifer Redstreake Geary

Heroes of PHENOMENA is a global, cross-industry collaborative campaign encouraging the next generation of authors, artists & musicians!

Epic motion picture advertising music production house, audiomachine, will make a donation to the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra with every download of the PHENOMENA album companion collection.

A dedicated youth section showcases talented aspiring artists and authors fromElevate’s Life & Art Studios, alongside an amazing cast of inspiring industry professionals and the winning entries of PHENOMENA’s Epic Heroes Event!

I’m thrilled to announce the ebook anthology is FREE on Smashwords & Kobo! Available for $0.99 on Amazon *help us push Amazon to price-match by reporting the FREE listings*. Coming soon to iTunes & B&N!

My Epic Writing students from Elevate Life & Art Studios created a really cool book trailer that blends the music of PHENOMENA with the boundless creativity of the next generation—inspiring their peers in a humorous tribute to authors, musicians, artists and dreamers! Special thanks to Braelyn Whiteside (9th Grade) for her brilliant filming & editing skills!

Available now!

Kobo (Free)

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Title ImageDarynda Jones
Susan Kaye Quinn
M. Pax
Amy Michele
Jessica Bell
Alex J. Cavanaugh
Ruth Long
Crystal Collier
C. Lee McKenzie

Aspiring Artists & AuthorsDaniel Pennystone
ms. annegirl
Brennah Whiteside
Carter Lundgren
Braelyn Whiteside
Emma Schneider
Caleb Lotz

Epic Heroes Event Winners
Sarah Aisling
Alayna Fairman
Nitish Raina
Melissa Muhlenkamp
Ryo Ishido
Lukas Jurco
Camille Cabezas
Elizabeth Ann Watts

PHENOMENA Available Now

Tree of Life: Branching Out Featuring Susan Scott

treeoflife_branchingout_badgeWelcome to the TREE OF LIFE: Branching Out collaborative writing challenge, where creative minds meet epic movie music. To read the collective story in its entirety as it unfolds and for more details on this groundbreaking collaboration with Audiomachine click HERE.

Today’s featured guest writer is the passionate Susan Scott. Please join Susan’s brilliant, thought-provoking discussions at the Garden of Eden Blog.

Audiomachine – The Legend Begins – Tree of Life

The air seemed to thicken slightly as she stood next to him.

“You know my name then. You know that Zoe means Life and that the Ancient Greeks believe that it derives from Eve, she who ate the apple in the Garden of Eden which resulted in the rise from unconsciousness and into the real world?”

“I know this”, he replied. “I know too that women have been blamed for you and your husband’s expulsion from Paradise. But you must know that the Tree from which you ate was both a blessing and a curse?”

She looked up at him.

“Yes, it is a paradox, isn’t it. I chose to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. For my choice we were banished from Paradise and were unable to leave via the Tree of Life which stood at the furthest end of the garden. Flaming swords were placed there to prevent us leaving via that route”.

She sighed.

“Do you mean to say that I have a choice now in accepting this precious gift?”

“This is what I mean. But this gift also carries with it both a blessing and a curse”.

“I have dreamed of this moment for aeons”, whispered Zoe.

The sky darkened further.


© 2013 Susan Scott

ATTENTION FANS: You can WIN an autographed TREE OF LIFE Audiomachine album by LEAVING COMMENTS! On August 17th, two lucky readers will be chosen at random from the comments section of the story excerpts. The more you comment–the better your chances are of winning a piece of cinematic history! We want to hear from YOU!

Tree of Life_Album Cover

TREE OF LIFE is available NOW! Click on the following links:

Purchase a CD from CD Baby
Download it from iTunes
Stream it on Spotify      Download it from Amazon       Purchase a CD from Amazon 

3 Up Blog Hop Featuring L.G. Keltner of Writing off the Edge

3up blog chainThanks to Randi Lee of The Emotional Process of Writing a Novel and her “pay it forward” community building hop, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting L.G. Keltner’s blog, Writing Off the Edge.

Write off the bat, I noticed how incredibly busy this talented writer is! Her regular Posting Schedule is varied and vast, with involvement in every corner of the blogosphere.

L.G. is gifted in the craft of storytelling, from thought-provoking Poetry to intriguing works of Flash-Fiction. Her Memoirs From the End of the World serial is not to be missed, nor is the well wrought A-Z serial, Adams Apple, the first chapter of which has been published in The Woven Tale PressA-Z special edition.

When L.G. isn’t spinning her own brand of imagination and humor into entertaining tales, she’s running after two adorable little boys, Lyle and Jude. I admire parents who can successfully juggle family while pursuing their writerly dreams and L.G. is exceptional in this regard. With a supportive hubby and a house full of energy, she accomplishes a great deal towards her goal: “I want to be able to show my children that if you work hard enough at something, your dream can come true.”

Here’s hoping all your dreams are fulfilled in your journey through life and writing, L.G.!

LG 2 (1)L.G.’s Inspiring Soundtrack: Coldplay – The Scientist