Of Myth and Memory_A to Z_2013


Save Me From Eternity by ReyeD33

For the 2013 international A-Z Challenge, I unveiled excerpts of, Of Myth and Memory, the ancient Greek origin story of the Goddess of Memory, a prequel to the YA novel series, Architects of Illusion.

Inspiring epic music breathes life into a world of myth and mystery as gifted artists spin secrets of another time…

An epic tale of love and loss that spans millennia. A tragic choice made in the grips of grief changed their destiny forever. The far-reaching consequences plaque each new life, leading to a catastrophic future for all mankind. Their harrowing past is bound to ancient mythology. Their future lies in the secrets of science and forgotten magic, where memory is the key to salvation…

 Listen to the music, surrender your senses and enter a world where legends are born…

Of Myth and Memory Storyboard

Of Myth and Memory

Of Myth and Memory is currently under development for a future live performance. All excerpts are closed for viewing.

Episode A
Episode B
Episode C
Episode D
Episode E
Episode F
Episode G
Episode H
Episode I
Episode J
Episode K
Episode L
Episode M
Episode N
Episode O
Episode P
Episode Q
Episode R
Episode S
Episode T
Episode U
Episode V
Episode W
Episode X
Episode Y
Episode Z



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