Turn the Tide

World Peace

Humanity is at a pivotal tipping point. We are drowning in a sea of senseless violence that threatens every corner of the globe, every culture and creed. History is marred by the mistakes of ignorant minds. If we don’t learn from these mistakes, then we’re destined to follow the same mindless path, leaving only death and destruction in our wake.

I refuse to embrace the defeatist momentum that’s infiltrated every facet of society, from profiteering politicians polluting government while preventing progress, exploitative media misleading the masses, to corrupt corporations whose insatiable greed bleeds the earth and its people dry.

WE must be the ambassadors of peace. Every voice matters. Every act of kindness and compassion combats cruelty. Every moment spent cultivating understanding, wisdom, and acceptance, is a step towards turning the tide.

Well chosen words have the power to influence and evoke change. Use that power to manifest a positive future, where we consciously turn away from an apocalyptic fate and work towards restoring the balance between humanity and nature, while fostering relationships that respect diversity.

Together, we stand on the precipice of possibility. This world belongs to all of us–it will take all of us to save it.

Wishing you & yours a peaceful, happy holiday!

Aeralie Brighton’s The Christmas Song,  Cover by Ryo Ishido

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) by Aeralie brighton

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10 thoughts on “Turn the Tide

  1. Watching the shootings coverage in San Bernardina now. Crying, sadness too profound. Trying to remember my day of dancing in the rain and the joy I felt. Unbelievable what we do to one another. Why? May we right the world soon.


  2. “Every act of kindness and compassion combats cruelty.” YES! Yesterday was a bad day… It’s so easy to get swept up in the helplessness of it all, in how huge *it* is, how small—indeed, insignificant—we are. These words of yours snapped me right back to attention: cruelty wins only if we let it. If we let compassion wither. If we let fear gain ground.

    And so your point is proven: “Well chosen words have the power to influence and evoke change.”

    I’m looking forward to this, Sam. Thank you so much for making me a part of it.


  3. I wish we had more ambassadors of peace where I live. Instead, we have news articles that tout suspicion for people different from us and hateful words from intolerant viewpoints. Maybe if we all make small efforts towards peace, we can create a better world.


  4. Peace and Compassion, the two words can’t be said enough, and the emotion and truth behind them can’t be appreciated enough. Blogging has brought me friends like you, Sam, who believe in the same values that I do. We’ll keep raising our voice for peace and compassion in our different parts of the world.

    Happy, Peaceful holidays to you!!


  5. Hi Sam – Peace and Compassion as Damyanti mentioned … but we need to remember the earth – if it doesn’t survive, nor will we. Being kinder, living locally in as many ways possible, smiling and joining in with the community and family …. so we all work together in all ways ..

    Love the idea of the Elevator Pitch contest … sounds brilliant – I’ll be watching … cheers Hilary


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