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Their music pierces the soul and tugs at the creative threads of greatness that’s woven into the fabric of our being. Once you surrender to their soaring inspiration—anything is possible! Since their official launch in August of 2005, the musical genius of audiomachine, a motion picture advertising music production collective, has been featured in countless feature film trailers, television commercials, video game campaigns and the Olympics.






audiomachine logo & sea

audiomachineWelcome to audiomachine’s Engineers of Epic Machine Head Challenge! Design the most epic of t-shirts, incorporating audiomachine’s logo, with optional tagline, “Where Epic Music Lives”. Designers are advised to use EPS or AI files for ease of resizing the images you create! Submit a link to your entries in the comments section of this page by August 9th, midnight EST! One entry per person. Open internationally. You’ll find everything you need to create an epic design at the link below:

audiomachine logos & taglines


Our resident expert in everything cool & retro, Jeremy Hawkins of Howlin’ Wolf Records, will help narrow down the entries. The Top 3 designs, chosen by audiomachine, will be awarded signed albums. The overall winner will also receive an audiomachine t-shirt, showcasing their winning design! The top 3 entries will be featured in EpicMusicVn’s anniversary tribute video!

Your epic inspiration awaits

 Epic Music Vn banner Listen To Become A Legend

 Epic Music VnJoin us in celebrating EpicMusicVn’s (EMVN) 2 year anniversary! EMVN was created in August of 2012 in Vietnam, by founder Do Son Thanh. What began as a community for people who are passionate about Epic Music has today grown in size and reputation on a global scale. With over 120,000 YouTube subscribers and a fan page climbing beyond 12, 000 followers from across the world, EMVN has helped innumerable composers and video editors showcase their work to subscribers—gaining millions of views on several cinematics.  EMVN intends to keep contributing to the growth of Epic Music and looks forward to the day when it finally becomes a mainstream genre.

 koke bannerDesigner & Composer extraordinaire for the motion picture advertising industry AND official IMAGINE designer, Koke Núñez Gómez, has been featured in numerous album campaigns, creating brilliant logos, album covers and trailers for  ReallySlowMotion, Epic North, Trailer Music World, Leighton Williams, Real Betis, Trailer Music Vibe, Eduardo Tarilonte, DosBrains, Black Phoenix Music, Tonal Chaos, An Danzza, Macarena Martin, Michael Maas, just to name a few. Koke’s amazing designs can be found on Bëhance.

Koke’s talents extend into the realm of film music composition, including music credits for Alas Rojas, EP Models, Do Not Fear the Storm, Baskets Oldenburg, Avalanche Airbag System, and more. Listen to Koke’s music on Jamendo.





epic north



17 thoughts on “IMAGINE_audiomachine

  1. Here is my submission:

    Unfortunately, I don’t own a copy of anything in the Adobe suite, so I couldn’t make an eps file; this file is a jpg.
    You may have to click on the magnifying glass icon a few times to view the original image. Good luck to all the other contestants!


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