Of Fortunes and Fish

A heartwarming romantic comedy with a fantastical twist, where love and loss meet fortunes and fish.

On an ivy-coated doorstep in Charleston, SC, where ghosts waltz down cobblestone streets alongside wayfarers and bohemians, sits an ordinary box with an extraordinary secret.

A Japanese-American artist, struggling with the courage to end one relationship and begin another, is sent on a comical misadventure guided by her grandmother’s unusual inheritance.

A single father, wrestling with the reality of being a war widow, learns to love and laugh again through the enchanting interventions of an unexpected ally.

A young African-American girl, battling with the loss of her mother, discovers the healing power of connection from the most unlikely of companions.

An ancient fortune teller, torn from its mythical beginnings, finds solace in the unknown.

Artwork by Jenny Vyas

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