Elevate Your Pitch

Book Sculpture by Su Blackwell

Great stories are bridges built of imagination and emotion that connect us to who we were, who we are, and who we hope to be. Great storytellers make the journey worthwhile, where the value of their words is born from the feelings they evoke.

The time a reader spends in your world is invaluable. Make it matter. Move them, and they’ll turn the page. Inspire them, and they’ll follow you to the end. 

But first, you must pique their curiosity.

A potent pitch has the power to pull readers in instantly. This strategic package of major conflicts and key protagonists should be wrapped with a brief, emotive and enticing bow for agents, editors, publishing houses and potential fans to unravel.


In four sentences or less, deliver a powerful pitch paired with an ELEVATION track in the comments section below by January 28th. Include age range (adult, YA, MG) and genre. Open internationally. One entry per person.

Our panel of judges, including authors Guilie Castillo-Oriard and Amy Willoughby-Burle, and director of Really Slow Motion Music, Agus González-Lancharro, will choose their top three favorite pitches to receive digital copies of ELEVATION and The Miracle of Small Things. The overall winner will also be awarded a gratis license for one ELEVATION track to use in a book trailer and a signed copy of The Miracle of Small Things. Special guest authors and judges will swing by to share their pitches over the course of the challenge!

Felicia Bridges – signed copy of The Miracle of Small Things.
Yolanda Renee – a gratis license for one ELEVATION track
Michelle Wallace – digital copy of ELEVATION album
Carina – digital copy of ELEVATION album

Hotshot tax attorney Luis Villalobos is lured to Curaçao by the prospect of a fast track to the cusp of his already stellar career. But the paradise we expect is so rarely the paradise we find… In order to find what he really needs, he’ll have to let go of everything he thought he wanted.

Guilie Castillo-Oriard, Miracle of Small Things, inspired by ‘Suns and Stars


Biltmore transforms into Olympus, a world rich in Greek mythology, where statues draw breath, legendary creatures abound, and the fate of mankind lies in the hands of extraordinary young scholars mentored by the Muses. Two girls, one raised in the grips of magic, one sheltered from it, must unravel the illusions surrounding Olympus to defy their destiny, or be forever bound to an ancient, deadly secret that spells the end for all humanity.

Samantha Redstreake Geary, Architects of Illusion, inspired by ‘Hero’


In the vast North Carolina Piedmont, the rain won’t come down and the ghosts won’t go up. On the precipice of the American Great Recession, a small farming town fights through a drought season that goes deeper than seed and soil. Maggie wants a baby, but her husband harbors a secret that won’t allow it; Carolina wants safety, but fire takes hold instead; Joe wants it to rain, but the sky yields only ghosts; Billy wants to take care of his family, but dead men don’t get second chances—most of the time.

Amy Willoughby Burle, A Soft and Thunderous Noise, inspired by ‘The Gravity of Love

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15 thoughts on “Elevate Your Pitch

      • Haunted by a childhood memory, Tyrone Thompson befriends an impoverished sand sculptor and plunges into the turbulent world of sand artistry. This seaside community is a last chance at finding the truth he desperately seeks. He’s caught up in the ebb and flow of life on the beach, where environmental protection and crime co-exist, an ongoing cycle connecting a myriad human encounters. But will this world of sand and art give him the answers he must have?

        Inspired by: Illusions Of Life
        Age Group: Adult
        Genre: Contemporary


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  3. Ben, the watchmaker trainee, is 11 years old, when the light starts to disappear from his world. Days grow shorter and eternal twilight lingers, draining colours, sickening the forests and stealing people’s happiness. There’s a rumour that the night fairy princes beyond the Mumbling Mountains is responsible, but few know of her dark and dangerous secret. Ben sets out to save his world from endless darkness and together with his new found friends Bodo the Bear and Fipsy, the hatter’s daughter, he will experience magical adventures that none of them has ever dreamed of.
    Inspired by Suns and Stars
    Age group: MG
    Genre: Fantasy


  4. Great contest! Thanks for hosting it – here’s my pitch for my debut novel, CzechMate, due out in May 2016:
    Her parents are caught in a standoff between political forces that threatens to erupt into a bloody civil war. Nicole must stand alone against an army, her faith is her only defense.
    It’s checkmate, with no escape in sight.


  5. Light and love are fleeting moments in the frozen north of Alaska. Despite his personal experiences with evil, Detective Steven Quaid is determined to hold on to that light amidst the darkness. Accused of murdering his fiancée, Detective Quaid flees incarceration to track down the culprit. He may survive the wilderness and a savage bear attack, but another man’s insidious obsession could prove this dedicated detective’s undoing.

    Inspired by: Illusions of Life
    Novel: Murder & Obsession to be released March 2016
    Age Group: Adult
    Genre: Mystery

    Thanks Sam. The music is beautiful, and it was interesting trying to come up with something new, but that’s what a challenge is all about!


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