Fear takes us down an unexpected road in UNDAUNTED, a revolutionary Solarpunk storytelling event from author Samantha Redstreake Geary, in collaboration with artist Jenny Vyas, featuring music by Really Slow Motion.



EOS follows a diverse group of rebel visionaries, struggling to overcome their fears in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, who navigate a near-future world where no one, and nothing, is what it seems, and the fate of humanity lies in less-than-human hands.

Narrated by Fear, EOS chronicles the treacherous journey of a group of scientists and visionaries, each struggling with their own demons in the aftermath of a horrific terrorist attack, who navigate a near-future world on a collision course with annihilation. A Japanese AI specialist, bearing a family burden, brings an intern with nefarious intentions into the heart of a sentient structure that fights back. A plant geneticist from India must protect her autistic son from the perils of technology. A Mexican singer keeps a dark secret alive for the sake of her son—a widowed green architect who honors the spirits of his wife and daughter by building the impossible. The rebels converge in a secret sanctuary with the holographic heart of a human too afraid to live.


The UNDAUNTED event EOS ebook is available exclusively on msannegirl.com as a $2 donation download. All proceeds will support the MS-related medical expenses of my creative and uber-talented friend and former writing student, Annie McCready! 

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Meet the Characters

While writing EOS, there were a few strong voices in my head vying for certain characters. FEAR had the commanding British baritone of Benedict Cumberbatch. And Rafael was modeled after the captivating Gael Garcia Bernal, who stole my writerly heart with his passionate Mozart in the Jungle performance.

Really Slow Motion UNDAUNTED Album



The following ten contest winners will join the ranks of RSM’s epic cast of composers for the public Solarpunk album inspired by UNDAUNTED!

Ages Evolve by The Last Haven/Sergey Zubarev
Arcadia’s Theme by mikeraznick
Sleeping with the Stars by mikeraznick featuring Laura Intravia
Light Ahead by Outland Music/Kirill Kopot
Heart of Viridis by Submersion Studios/Dudley Woodwright
The Return Of Pegasus by Sebastien NovA
Ghost In The Machine by Bryan Nguyen
Land of The Sun, Land of The Future by Efraín Alejandro Méndez
Shadows by AKMusic Productions featuring Brooke Mitchell
Mysterious Logic by 10til10


Watch the groundbreaking dance short FILM inspired by the underlying theme of UNDAUNTED—the universal struggle with Fear—featuring several tracks from the RSM album!

Levi David Sowerby
Celia Tabitha Thurman
Ant James

Written and Directed by
Samantha Redstreake Geary

Filmed by
Samantha Redstreake Geary
Josa Worthy

Edited by
10til10 Productions

Artwork by
Jenny Vyas

Featurirng tracks from the RSM public album
Mad Era by Michael Levine
Shifting Skies by Faux Tales
Worlds Afar by Faux Tales
Arcadia’s Theme by Mike Raznick
Epitaph by Edwin Wendler (featuring Aeralie Brighton)
Fearless by Instrumental Core
Unbroken by Aeralie Brighton & Ivan Torrent