3 Up Blog Hop Featuring L.G. Keltner of Writing off the Edge

3up blog chainThanks to Randi Lee of The Emotional Process of Writing a Novel and her “pay it forward” community building hop, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting L.G. Keltner’s blog, Writing Off the Edge.

Write off the bat, I noticed how incredibly busy this talented writer is! Her regular Posting Schedule is varied and vast, with involvement in every corner of the blogosphere.

L.G. is gifted in the craft of storytelling, from thought-provoking Poetry to intriguing works of Flash-Fiction. Her Memoirs From the End of the World serial is not to be missed, nor is the well wrought A-Z serial, Adams Apple, the first chapter of which has been published in The Woven Tale PressA-Z special edition.

When L.G. isn’t spinning her own brand of imagination and humor into entertaining tales, she’s running after two adorable little boys, Lyle and Jude. I admire parents who can successfully juggle family while pursuing their writerly dreams and L.G. is exceptional in this regard. With a supportive hubby and a house full of energy, she accomplishes a great deal towards her goal: “I want to be able to show my children that if you work hard enough at something, your dream can come true.”

Here’s hoping all your dreams are fulfilled in your journey through life and writing, L.G.!

LG 2 (1)L.G.’s Inspiring Soundtrack: Coldplay – The Scientist



5 thoughts on “3 Up Blog Hop Featuring L.G. Keltner of Writing off the Edge

  1. Sam, you’ve really captured L. G. – multi-talented, gifted, a great Mom and a loving wife. How do I know, because I’ve read all about it in her blogs. Besides sharing her talent she shares herself. Love reading her blog, all the time, any time!

    You go L. G. and you too Sam!


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