Turn the Tide

World Peace

Humanity is at a pivotal tipping point. We are drowning in a sea of senseless violence that threatens every corner of the globe, every culture and creed. History is marred by the mistakes of ignorant minds. If we don’t learn from these mistakes, then we’re destined to follow the same mindless path, leaving only death and destruction in our wake.

I refuse to embrace the defeatist momentum that’s infiltrated every facet of society, from profiteering politicians polluting government while preventing progress, exploitative media misleading the masses, to corrupt corporations whose insatiable greed bleeds the earth and its people dry.

WE must be the ambassadors of peace. Every voice matters. Every act of kindness and compassion combats cruelty. Every moment spent cultivating understanding, wisdom, and acceptance, is a step towards turning the tide.

Well chosen words have the power to influence and evoke change. Use that power to manifest a positive future, where we consciously turn away from an apocalyptic fate and work towards restoring the balance between humanity and nature, while fostering relationships that respect diversity.

Together, we stand on the precipice of possibility. This world belongs to all of us–it will take all of us to save it.

Wishing you & yours a peaceful, happy holiday!

Aeralie Brighton’s The Christmas Song,  Cover by Ryo Ishido

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) by Aeralie brighton

Available on Loudr

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Tree of Life audiomachine ebook!

TOL Cover_FinalCover designed by the extraordinary artist and composer, Ryo Ishido!

An Amazon Exclusive

This anthology is dedicated in memory of Tina Downey, our dearest friend, fellow storyteller and firm believer that life is good…

Welcome to audiomachines Tree of Life: Branching Out, a cross-industry collaborative writing project featuring 26 authors from across the globe whose collective story is inspired by motion picture advertising music production house, audiomachine’s Tree of Life album.

During the course of 26 consecutive days, each writer contributed a chapter within 24 hours of the previous installment, spinning the tale in whatever direction they chose, resulting in the ultimate collaborative journey of words and music.

The anthology includes a new epilogue, a memorial story I wrote for “T”, entitled, Epitaph.

Contributing Authors (Tree of Lifers)
Tina Downey
Amy Willoughby-Burle
John Wiswell
M. Pax
Al Diaz
Gary Philip Pennick
DL Hammons
Susan Scott
Ruth Long
Daniel Swensen
KC Hunter
Shannon Kenoyer Lawrence
Beverly Fox
Michelle Wallace
Mina Lobo
Gwen Gardner
Angela Brown
Lisa Shambrook
Sarah Wesson
Leighton Williams
Elise Fallson
Vidya Sury
Damyanti Biswas
C. Lee McKenzie

Sunflower_Jennifer Redstreake GearySunflower by Jennifer Redstreake Geary

All proceeds of the TREE OF LIFE ebook will benefit the Downey Education Fund set up for Tina’s children.

Composers for Relief: Supporting the Philippines

Composers for Relief Album CoverOn November 8, 2013,  the deadliest natural disaster in Philippines’ history, Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), stole the lives of over 6,000 mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, brothers and sisters, and countless children.

More than 16 million people have been affected by this horrific tragedy, their world ripped apart with every loss…their hopes torn from tortured hearts.

Though we are scattered across the globe, we are connected to their anguish, we feel their sorrow as if it were our own. They need our help, our empathy, our compassion, our action!

Over 30 gifted composers hailing from 16 countries collaborated on an inspirational album, initiated by Peter Ebbinghaus to raise funds for the victims of this catastrophe. All profits from the album, and companion ebook, will go to Gawad Kalinga (“give care”), supporting the efforts in distributing food and rebuilding the devastated lives and damaged cities across the Philippines. More information on the album can be found at the Soundtracks and Trailer Music site.

Each of the 28 tracks instills a sense of hope, whispering of a new dawn. Every note holds the promise of rebirth, strengthening the power of will to rise again. The soul of the music demands that we fight back, it is in our nature to survive, to persevere, to strive for a life that is once again beautiful. This is not the end–a new dawn shall find their hearts healed, once again whole.

Together, we are a commanding force for change, forging a global act of kindness that will ripple through the sea of souls and restore the broken, battered pieces of our humanity.

Tracklist: Available NOW on ITunes & Amazon

  1. A New Dawn – Satnam RamgotraNicolas NeidhardtWayne Sharpe
  2. Our Nature – Valentin Boomes
  3. Existence – Nick Murray
  4. Spes Et Libertas – Iliya Zaki
  5. Rise Again – Red Ochsenbein feat. Deane Ogden & Stefan Schroff
  6. A Cup of Peace – Attila Áts
  7. Continuum – Ed Watkins
  8. Rebirth – Tera feat. Gabriel Lee
  9. Dumakulem – Juan Iglesias
  10. God Is With You – Hendric Bünck feat. Pascale Scarabin
  11. The Best Is yet to Come – Daniel Vulcano feat. Fabiano Pereira
  12. This Is Not the End – Petteri Sainio
  13. Hymn of Faith – Jochem Weierink
  14. Fighting Back – Dreammaker
  15. Aurora – Renan Javier Cabrera
  16. Right Time – Brisom
  17. Into the Unknown – Geoffrey Vernon
  18. Renaissance – Ainan Celeste Cawley
  19. Beautiful Life – Lauri Koivisto
  20. Hope – Debbie Teong feat. Hope [the singer’s name really is Hope]
  21. The Power of Will – Ivan Torrent
  22. Moonside – Raphael Tschernuth
  23. The Phoenix – Celestia
  24. New Days – Coldnoise
  25. Your Heart Is Brave – Synthphonia feat. Monika Emat
  26. Requiem for a Queen – M² feat. Dina Fanai [M² consists of Michael A. Levine & Man Parrish]
  27. No More – Phillip Lober feat. Cedric Hyon
  28. One – Ryo Ishido feat. Nik Kershaw

In the spirit of collaboration, 28 writers from across the globe will join me in discovering the stories of triumph lurking in the notes of each track, waiting for us to pull it into words. The final tales will be compiled into a companion ebook anthology for the album, with all proceeds going to Gawad Kalinga.

All 28 participating authors will be added to the Master Track List, with links to their contribution once they’re complete. Stories can be up to 1000 words or less, following an uplifting theme of HOPE, with a posting deadline of December 31st. The album cover, designed by the talented, Ryo Ishido, will be used as the contributor badge–please display on your site with a link back to the main page.

Interested authors can contact me via FB message, with your top two track choices*album featured in side bar music player*. Be sure to check the Master Track List for available tracks. Music will be assigned on a first come/ first serve basis. All tracks have been assigned. Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for more exciting collaborations in 2014!