Soul Horizon
by Jungshan

My 150 word epic poem for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. Click on over to these talented writers and preview some amazing stories!

Featured Artist: JungShan

Inspiring Soundtrack: Javier Navarrete – Long, Long Time Ago – Pan’s Labyrinth

Throughout the centuries, across cultures, a superstition pervades the minds of parents who bury the lost teeth of their young. They believed, should the teeth fall into the wrong hands, their children would be cursed…

King Minos

Millennia ago, in the Aegean Sea
Darkness swallowed the best part of me
Stolen away by the unforgiving tide
My child
My soul
Lost across the divide

Through ancient magic, trinkets and bone
A new form called her spirit home

Born of a Mediterranean horseshoe bat fang
Across her back, dark wings now hang
Enabling her fingers and toes to elongate
Shaping her ears to shift and navigate

Forged from a tiger shark’s tooth, pliable bones emerge
Camouflaged skin and keen senses surge
A predator’s speed and agility thrive

Fire opals keep her heart alive

Owl feathers open her eyes to night
Enlightening her mind and heightening insight

Ancient copper coins conduct energy
Creating treasures and promoting lethargy

Her first lost tooth, the innocence of a child
Restores beauty, youthful and wild

Charged with the task of collecting their essence
Their children
Their souls
Lost to my vengeance


© 2013 Samantha Redstreake Geary

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18 thoughts on “Revenant

  1. This is wonderful! Very nicely done. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog during last Monday’s blitz. I appreciate the comments. You all really made my day. ☺


  2. Intriguing take on the lost tooth idea. What does that say for the fossil record where teeth are the only things that survive? Great poem, Samantha. 🙂


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