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Fear takes us down an unexpected road in EOS, a revolutionary Solarpunk story from author Samantha Redstreake Geary, in collaboration with artist Jenny Vyas, featuring music by Really Slow Motion, and groundbreaking graphics via designer Koke Núñez Gómez

A new dawn is on the horizon, where boundaries are broken, diversity is embraced, and an optimistic, creative vision of our future on Earth takes center stage.

EOS is a powerful solarpunk story narrated by FEAR, who tackles real-world issues concerning terrorism, prejudice, and diversity, to near-future technology surrounding sustainable energy that restores the balance between humanity and nature. This isn’t a defeatist tale. It is a look through the lens of positive futurism that showcases the courage, compassion and capabilities of humanity as equal partners in building a bridge to a better tomorrow.



“Tell me,” Vanisa teases, “do the coffee beans glow, too?”

“No, not after they’re ground,” Rafael counters. “You like our sustainable natural lighting? Pretty cool, eh?”

“Cool doesn’t begin to describe it. Tell me about your unorthodox gatekeeper,” Vanisa prods.

“A bit temperamental, I know,” Rafael cringes. “We’re still working out the thorns.”

“This technology, it’s near future, not now future.” Vanisa leans forward. “All of this should be…impossible.”

“Leave impossible at the door, Vanisa, and anything can happen,” Rafael winks. “It helps, of course, to have an ambitious team of molecular biologists. They arranged a rather successful marriage between bioluminescent jellyfish proteins and our abundant native flora.”

“Sounds infinitely better than my marriage,” Vanisa clucks.

Behind the Scenes
– Starring AtoZ rockstars –

Arlee Bird, wordsmith extraordinaire, brushed past a patch of foliage on his way to the treetop bar and sent it flickering to life. After tossing out a startled expletive, Arlee, who’s seen his fair share of the bizarre living in LA,  found the effect rather fascinating. He walked a littler further, and sure enough, the path pulsed to life with the vivid glow of a thousand leaves, like the blazing streets of Manhattan, but with infinitely fresher air and considerably less people breathing it.    

Arlee saddled up to the bar beside AJ and ordered a Manhattan. AJ Lauer was jotting down her next interactive fiction adventure on a cocktail napkin. Inspired by her surroundings, she worked her creative magic around a bad batch of bioluminscent plants that were secretly plotting Armageddon. 

Pam Margolis peeked over AJ‘s shoulder and snorted into her wine. She suggested an unconventional librarian as the hero, someone devilishly clever and of African, Asian, or Hispanic American descent. No one would suspect a badass bookworm to slay rogue weeds with her rapier wit and black thumb. Not that she intentionally killed plants. She was simply too busy running her Bad Girls Book Club to water them.

Tasha Duncan-Drake took a sip of her rum and coke and scanned AJ‘s napkin. She was thinking there might be a market for nefarious illuminating shrubs and such, especially if she throws in a fictional phantom or two. Tasha thought, what the hell, and offered to publish it via Wittegen Press and design the glowing cover–something decidedly spooky.

Really Slow Motion – Battle Angel – Revelation – Tanuj Tiku


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EOS Review Contest

Starting April 1st, I’ll reveal sensory-rich sneak peeks into the world of EOS, a futuristic sci fi solarpunk short story available on AMAZON for $0.99Post a REVIEW of EOS on AMAZON by May 31st and you’ll be entered to WIN a signed copy of RSM’s Battle Angel and signed limited edition print from painter, Jenny Vyas!

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