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Fear takes us down an unexpected road in EOS, a revolutionary Solarpunk story from author Samantha Redstreake Geary, in collaboration with artist Jenny Vyas, featuring music by Really Slow Motion, and groundbreaking graphics via designer Koke Núñez Gómez

A new dawn is on the horizon, where boundaries are broken, diversity is embraced, and an optimistic, creative vision of our future on Earth takes center stage.

EOS is a powerful solarpunk story narrated by FEAR, who tackles real-world issues concerning terrorism, prejudice, and diversity, to near-future technology surrounding sustainable energy that restores the balance between humanity and nature. This isn’t a defeatist tale. It is a look through the lens of positive futurism that showcases the courage, compassion and capabilities of humanity as equal partners in building a bridge to a better tomorrow.

Meet the Artist


B A I T E D by Jenny Vyas

Jenny Vyas is a contemporary artist from the Chicagoland area. She is highly influenced by beauty in complex human emotions and attempts to reveal them through multiple nuances in expressions in her work. Her interest in human frailty shows in her monochromatic paintings where she creates abstracts of human silhouettes and fluctuating forms in half-light; all drawn from reality, personal experiences and memories through a process of simplification. Her artistic influences stream from music, poetry, books, artists like Rothko, Marina Abramović, JR, Andy Worhol, Jackson Pollock, Saitō Yoshishige, Maria Hafif, Da Vinci, Shakespeare and many more. Find her at Jenny Vyas, Twitter, FB, & Instagram.

Really Slow Motion – Battle Angel – Gates of Pearl – Martyn Corbet


EOS Commenting Contest

Swing by and leave us a comment for a chance to WIN a digital copy of RSM’s latest public album, Battle Angel!

Each Comment = One Entry 

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EOS Review Contest

Starting April 1st, I’ll reveal sensory-rich sneak peeks into the world of EOS, a futuristic sci fi solarpunk short story available on AMAZON for $0.99Post a REVIEW of EOS on AMAZON by May 31st and you’ll be entered to WIN a signed copy of RSM’s Battle Angel and signed limited edition print from painter, Jenny Vyas!

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12 thoughts on “The AtoZ of EOS_BAITED

  1. Beautiful artwork. I’m always struck by artists’ influences, by the emotional output and input. Her interest in human frailty is telling of a person’s heart and indeed it is showing. Thank you.


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