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Join us on a journey through Uncharted, a visionary reimagining of Greek mythology and ancient history, where the mystery behind the world’s most extraordinary discovery comes to life through the collaborative efforts of graphic designer, Koke Núñez Gómez, recording artist, Aeralie Brighton, and author Samantha Redstreake Geary, under the influence of Immediate Music & Imperativa Records This Is Epic Music Vol. 1.

Antikythera Mechanism_Ancient Artifact
Meet the Creative Team

Freelance Spanish graphic designer and composer, Koke Núñez Gómez, hails from Seville, where he creates stunning images and music for the motion picture advertising industry. His artistry is featured in numerous high-profile brands, including audiomachine, Immediate Music, Epic North, Really Slow Motion, Hi-Finesse, Brand X Music, Strezov Sampling, Eduardo Tarilonte, Imagine Music, Icon Trailer Music, VST Buzz, Rumble Head, Sub Pub Music, Songs To Your Eyes, and many more!

From her studio in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, Aeralie Brighton’s powerful voice has taken the film & gaming industry by storm! The inspiring recording artist weaves ethereal magic into haunting melodies in countless trailer music albums, with several solo releases and music videos on the horizon. Her signature spellbinding sound *listen HERE* as a vocalist and voice actress can be heard in numerous motion pictures, including Disney’s upcoming The Jungle Book (2016), and various video games with Microsoft and Sony, including Minecraft and the award winning hit, Ori and the Blind Forest.

Speculative fiction author and freelance writer, Samantha Redstreake Geary, spends her days weaving fantastical stories under the influence of locally roasted coffee in the mystical mountains of Asheville, NC. When she’s not feverishly working on her YA fantasy novel series, Architects of Illusion, inspired by her backyard neighbors, Biltmore Estate, and its spinoff series, Of Myth And Memory, she publishes music-infused anthologies in collaboration with her favorite composers.

This is Epic Music Vol 1

The first epic music compilation of its kind, This Is Epic Music Vol. 1 showcases some of the greatest talents in the industry. Featuring several unreleased tracks, and favorites from multiple blockbuster trailers for major Hollywood motion pictures, the epic lineup includes Jo Blankenburg, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Brand X Music, X-Ray Dog Music, ICON, Hi-Finesse, Really Slow Motion, Globus, Larry Groupé, Mark Petrie, Music Junkies, Cliff Lin courtesy of Riptide Music, PostHaste Music, Armen Hambar via Future World Music and Immediate. Available at Imperativa Records, Amazon and iTunes.

Uncharted Contest

Unravel the mysteries and YOU could bring home a signed This Is Epic Music Vol. 1 via co-founder & president of Immediate Music, award-winning composer, Yoav Goren.

UNCHARTED_Chapter One_Koke


Inspired by Really Slow Motion – Iron Poetry – Ivan Torrent


National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece

I race towards the soaring sentinels standing guard outside the mouth of the museum, their marble skin set ablaze beneath a hungry harvest moon. Fear burns a path through my heart, consuming the fragile edges of hope with every breathless beat.

Beyond the doorway, I slip through the sleeping halls into the stale breath of antiquity. The walls hum softly in my ear, whispering centuries of secrets. I understand their forgotten tongue, for I was there when it was spoken. I know the history behind every relic and ruin, every token and treasure, for I was there when it was written in the stars.

Time has stolen the stories that science and speculation so eagerly seek. They believe the key to unlocking their future lies in the dusty palm of the past. In truth, the greatest key of all lies within reach of one worthy enough to wield it.

I’ve waited millennia for his return. Thousands of sunrises spent wanting. Centuries of moonlight spent mourning. Nothing in this world, or the next, will dare divide us.  

I feel his presence as clearly as the weighted bronze statue of Artemision towering above me. The empty, menacing eyes of Zeus follow my every move, his arm raised in a threat of unspeakable violence. The aftermath of his power plagues me still. An eternity of regret anchors me to the soul he sent to a watery grave. His thunderbolt lies buried in the bones of sailors…scores of lives I failed to save.

“Come near him again, Father, and I will strike you down with all the power of the heavens,” I seethe, wishing they’d left his sculpted shell to rot in the stomach of the sea.

With shaking hands, I push open the doors to Alasdair’s lab. A storm of shimmering bronze and silver remnants lie scattered across every surface, spilling onto the floor in a flood of sketches and wood shavings.

Panic claws at my throat.

“Seren! Back haur!” Alasdair calls from behind a frosted wall of glass.

Relief grips me. His voice grounds me. I turn the corner to find him gloriously unscathed, his raven hair mussed by fingers of frustration, his face flushed with excitement and exhaustion, sea-green gaze beaming with triumph.

I know before I see it. I feel the gears of time itself, turning.

Seven months under my influence and Alasdair’s gift for mathematics and engineering flourished. The mysteries surrounding the mechanism unraveled, one copper thread at a time, until its secrets pooled at his feet.

Seven days by my side and his heart remembered the love between mortal and Muse.  

Seven hours since he puzzled over the final piece to be played.

Seven minutes until he deciphers the most complex system ever dreamt by man.

The Antikythera mechanism.

A window to the Gods.

Alasdair steps aside to reveal what has taken over 2,000 years to accomplish. The device is miraculously whole, untouched by the ravages of tides and time. Every shining gear marked for greatness, every spinning dial set to discover.

The flame of wonder lights his eyes, a familiar spark that pulls at my pulse.

I’ve gain ower it fur hoors, Seren,” he sighs, hand worrying at the shadow on his chin. “Every piece is accoonted fur. Th’ clockwork is complete, th’ gears aligned. But, Ah…I can’t shake th’ feelin’ ‘at somethin’ is missin’.

The key

Memories swim to the surface, connecting the man before me to the one I’d lost long ago.

They are one and the same.

It was I who pushed him to harness a power rivaling the Gods. I brought their wrath upon him. I delivered him into the greedy hands of death.

 © 2015 Samantha Redstreake Geary   

Chapter One Contest

Who is the Greek mythological character narrating Chapter One

Answer:  Urania, Muse of Astronomy



Many thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more chances to WIN a signed This Is Epic Music Vol. 1 album! Join us in 2016 as the next chapter of our epic tale unfolds in an ancient sea under the spell of composer, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic!



20 thoughts on “UNCHARTED

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  2. I’m going to say Urania.

    Daughter of Zeus, on of the muses, associated with astronomy and math (Iw as going to guess Clio at first, but the speaket seems to favor science over history).


  3. Urania- eldest of the muses, daughter of Zeus, and representative of astrology and philosophy. Also often used as a symbol of undying love.


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