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Welcome to IMAGINE‘s grand FINALE! The biggest epic music event of the year was a HUGE success—the culmination of the global collaborative efforts between YouTube powerhouse, EpicMusicVn and their fearless captain, Đỗ Sơn Thành, graphic designer, Koke Núñez Gómez, fellow writerly peep, Nitish Raina,  and leaders of the film music industry, Really Slow Motion, Epic North Music, audiomachine, & Two Steps From Hell!

An EPIC thank you to all those who participated! Congratulations to all IMAGINE event winners! Please send me your contact info to receive your PRIZES!



#1) Koke Nunez Gomez

#2) Lukas RE

#3) Cynthia Van Steenlandt

 TOP 3 winners of audiomachine’s Engineers of Epic Machine Head Challenge will be awarded signed albums. The #1 favorite designer will be featured on their official T-shirt, which the winner will also receive. Winning design will be revealed during the EPIC t-shirt launch!


#1) Muay Thai

#2) Samantha Ku

#3) Joel Apelgren

 TOP 3 Winners of TSFH’s Colin Frake book trailer contest will be awarded copies of the Colin Frake ebook & soundtrack, and signed cover art. The #1 favorite video editor will also receive a signed future public album!

epic north

#1) Ruth Long

#2) Djinnia AND Alayna Fairman

#3) FlyingMouse

 TOP 3 Winners of Epic North’s THE CONQUERORS flash fiction challenge will be awarded signed ARCADIA album artwork by Koke Núñez Gómezdigital album, Viking Warriors from Outer Space. The #1 favorite author will also receive digital copies of Origin of Iron and Rising Storm AND be featured on Epic North’s website/social media!


#1) Samantha Ku AND Daniel Wójcik

#2) Alex Aigner

 TOP 3 Winners of Really Slow Motion’s OF MIST AND MAGIC title design challenge will be awarded signed copies of the album FIERY THE ANGELS ROSE. The #1 favorite designs will be featured on the album’s public release cover!



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