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A new dawn is on the horizon, where boundaries are broken, diversity is embraced, and an optimistic, creative vision of our future on Earth takes center stage.

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Fear takes us down an unexpected road in EOS, a revolutionary Solarpunk story from author Samantha Redstreake Geary, in collaboration with artist Jenny Vyas, featuring music by Really Slow Motion, and groundbreaking graphics via designer Koke Núñez Gómez! EOS tackles real-world issues concerning terrorism, prejudice, and diversity, to near-future technology surrounding sustainable energy that restores the balance between humanity and nature. This isn’t a defeatist tale. It is a look through the lens of positive futurism that showcases the courage, compassion and capabilities of humanity as equal partners in building a bridge to a better tomorrow.


H O R I Z O N by Jenny Vyas

H O R I Z O N by Jenny Vyas

“What is all this shouting about?” Vanisa demands from her bedroom.

“I need to find Arjun.”

“You’re too late,” Vanisa cries. “They’ve taken him away. And I…I can’t find his holopad anywhere,” she mutters with dismay. “He’ll be lost without it.”

“Away?” Selene sees the luggage tossed onto the bed. “Where? Why?”

Vanisa’s face is swollen and red with grief. “They have evidence that he tampered with Viridis’ system,” she sobs. “The security bastards accused my boy of being a cyber terrorist!” Vanisa roars. “They look at him and they see the enemy. They don’t see who he is. They don’t know him. My boy…he would never…he couldn’t hurt…anyone.”

“I…I’m so sorry,” Selene whispers, her eyes landing on a large black and white canvas leaning against the wall. Selene follows the flowing lines of the painted girl, her arms outstretched, a flock of birds bursting from the fabric of her being.

“The fault is not yours to claim, Selene,” Vanisa sighs, crumpling to the floor beside her. “You’ve been good to Arjun. Patient. Kind. You’ve given him the greatest of treasures.”

Vanisa gazes at the painting she created years ago, after violence tried to steal her wings. She brings it wherever they go. It is a powerful reminder. No one, not a handsome husband with an ugly heart, nor a blinded barbarian with a love of death, can keep you from flying. 

Selene tilts her head to look at Vanisa. “I don’t understand. What have I possibly given him?”

Vanisa turns to Selene and smiles through silent tears. “A connection to another human being.”

Vanisa could not know how that simple statement shook Selene to her core.

Arjun had given her something precious. He saw something in her of value, something she didn’t see herself. The birds of her being.

She sees them now. 

In that moment, Selene decides to defy the laws that govern her. She will learn to fly on her own. And she will pay a terrible price…

Really Slow Motion – Battle Angel – The Last To Fall – Casey Edwards


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3 thoughts on “The AtoZ of EOS_Terrorism

  1. ‘It is a powerful reminder. No one, not a handsome husband with an ugly heart, nor a blinded barbarian with a love of death, can keep you from flying.’


    Hope they find him soon, And unhurt.


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