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A new dawn is on the horizon, where boundaries are broken, diversity is embraced, and an optimistic, creative vision of our future on Earth takes center stage.

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Fear takes us down an unexpected road in EOS, a revolutionary Solarpunk story from author Samantha Redstreake Geary, in collaboration with artist Jenny Vyas, featuring music by Really Slow Motion, and groundbreaking graphics via designer Koke Núñez Gómez! EOS tackles real-world issues concerning terrorism, prejudice, and diversity, to near-future technology surrounding sustainable energy that restores the balance between humanity and nature. This isn’t a defeatist tale. It is a look through the lens of positive futurism that showcases the courage, compassion and capabilities of humanity as equal partners in building a bridge to a better tomorrow.

Meet the Characters

gael-garcia-bernal as Rafael

Gael García Bernal as Rafael Soñador

“We all have a story that brings us here. Mine began in Mexico, where I lived until I was old enough to attend a university in the US. Here, they taught me how to design and create the structures that crowded my head,” Rafael touches a hand to his temple. “And I taught them how to better wield a guitar.”

Rafael grinned. “I was certain that my greatest accomplishment in life would be these soaring legacies that would long outlive me. But then, I met this woman, this South African queen, who shook my foundation so spectacularly, within a week I promised her the sun and the moon and a better apartment.” 

Snickers trickle through the audience.

“We were young, overly optimistic, and driven to make a difference, until we juggled a new bebé. At that point, either of us would’ve traded world peace for a full night’s sleep,” Rafael laughs with the crowd. “We cherished every moment in orbit around our little sun. And, as promised, I built us something much better than an apartment. I have to say, building a home, a familia—that was my greatest joy, my truest legacy.”

Rafael’s smile fades. “But, unlike my architecture, my sun and moon no longer kiss the sky.” He looks into the eyes of those around him, his breath hitched to the sadness buried in his chest, fists balled at his sides. “Ten years ago today, terrorists stormed into our summit and stole the lives of our loved ones, and with them, our hope.” 

A hush falls over the audience as they remember the pain and fear that closed their doors and minds for far too long.

Rafael swallows the lump of loss and steps down from the platform to walk into the crowd. “We shared a vision once, you and I. We imagined an optimistic future for our life here on earth.”

Rafael meets the gaze of those near him. “I challenge all of you to conquer the fears that have plagued your past, discard the prejudice that poisons your heart, and turn away from the defeatist apocalyptic force that’s driving us towards oblivion.”

He sees a spark light in the eyes of his fellow dreamers. “We are the architects of tomorrow!” he shouts, shaking his fist. “We must reclaim our right to live in a better world. We must restore the balance between humanity and nature and rebuild respect for one another.”

Rafael waits for the applause to settle and steps back onto the platform to face the crowd. “The structure surrounding you is a tribute to mi amor’s genius, my mija’s vision, and a mad architect’s dream.” He reaches out his hands, palms raised in offering. “Welcome to Viridis.”

Really Slow Motion – Battle Angel – Sunder –  Dylan Jones (feat. William Arnold & Léa Verlin)


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