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Fear takes us down an unexpected road in EOS, a revolutionary Solarpunk story from author Samantha Redstreake Geary, in collaboration with artist Jenny Vyas, featuring music by Really Slow Motion, and groundbreaking graphics via designer Koke Núñez Gómez

A new dawn is on the horizon, where boundaries are broken, diversity is embraced, and an optimistic, creative vision of our future on Earth takes center stage.

EOS is a powerful solarpunk story narrated by FEAR, who tackles real-world issues concerning terrorism, prejudice, and diversity, to near-future technology surrounding sustainable energy that restores the balance between humanity and nature. This isn’t a defeatist tale. It is a look through the lens of positive futurism that showcases the courage, compassion and capabilities of humanity as equal partners in building a bridge to a better tomorrow.

Welcome to the International Viridis Summit

In the center of the mountain oasis, surrounding a thousand foot waterfall, the world’s greatest minds assemble to meet their mysterious host.

“Welcome amigos, colegas,“ Rafael Soñador smiles warmly. “Many of you know me. We have a past, you and I, yes? We’ve shared dreams over meals, ideas over drinks. Some of you shared the stage with me after too many drinks. You know who you are.” Laughter ripples through the crowd.

Behind the Scenes
– Starring AtoZ rockstars –

Fond memories of channeling her inner-diva tugged at Amy Willoughby-Burle‘s lips, her cheeks blushing a shade darker than the fiery hair flowing down her back. Rafael had taken her out to celebrate A Soft and Thunderous Noise‘s debut on the international bestseller list. Five rounds of mojitos later, Amy had stormed the stage and delivered a memorable rendition of La Bamba with drinking partners, C. Lee McKenzie, Guilie Castillo, and Yolanda Renee, that rivaled the original. 

C. Lee McKenzie, nursing a steaming cup of caffeine and a traveling hangover, winked at Amy from across the aisle. Lee, having recently returned from Cuba, was discussing Hemingway’s Hotel Ambos Mundos museum with Guilie. From the corner of her eye, she caught a flash of black and white in the algae-coated canal that cut through the floor near her feet. She wondered what other creatures lurked in its depths. An alligator perhaps?

Guilie Castillo sipped her coffee and stroked the fur of her four-legged travel companion, whose attention was drawn to the swimming jewels that winked from the water’s edge. He couldn’t believe his luck, really. He had spent the first empty years of his life hungry and heartbroken in a dingy back alley. Now, he had a warm home with regular meals, six siblings, and adoring parents. And as much as he yearned to dip a paw into that tempting pool, he would resist, for his mother’s sake. 

Sitting behind Guilie, in the shade of a massive tree, Yolanda Renee made mental notes of the extraordinary surroundings. She was working feverishly on the sequel to her global smash hit, Murder & Obsession, and found the summit location an appealing setting for a thriller. Yolanda sensed a deeper mystery running through the veins of Viridis, and she would make every effort to uncover it.  

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EOS Review Contest

Starting April 1st, I’ll reveal sensory-rich sneak peeks into the world of EOS, a futuristic sci fi solarpunk short story available on AMAZON for $0.99Post a REVIEW of EOS on AMAZON by May 31st and you’ll be entered to WIN a signed copy of RSM’s Battle Angel and signed limited edition print from painter, Jenny Vyas!

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7 thoughts on “The AtoZ of EOS_International Viridis Summit

  1. Amazing! I feel so honored to be part of this magic. Thank you, you’ve made my Monday. And all I thought I had to look forward to today was the laundry. Singing La Bamba as I fold! LOL
    EOS is a very compelling story, and yes, I will get to the bottom of the mystery!


  2. This is brilliant, Sam! Hilarious, yes, but you’ve captured our personalities so well! (At least, mine and that of those here I know well enough to tell.) And, of course, I’m dying to know what plans for world domination we’re going to be discussing at this summit 😀


  3. Dang! There are gators just about everywhere these days. Well, they’re attracted by the south of the border beat of La Bamba, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    As to my drinking buddies, who could ask for any better?


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