The crisp, cool fingers of Fall paints the landscape with crimson and gold. Pumpkins peer out from patches of tangled vines, their blank faces eager to carve out a grin or grimace. The specter of Halloween awaits in the shadows, hungry to pounce. It slithers under beds. It lurks behind cracked doors. It burrows beneath creaking floors.

What better way to embrace the bumps in the night than to forge ones of your own that fright. If you’ve the courage to join Yolanda Renee & Denise Covey’s fearful WEP Halloween challenge, I hear the treats are worth the tricks.

I’m joining forces with Sub Pub Music to create a creepy atmospheric journey through a classic childhood tale gone horribly awry. Knock on my virtual door October 21st – 23rd, wager which fairytale we’ve twisted and you’ll walk away with a digital copy of their latest haunting album, Cryogenesis, featuring dark & daring composers Mikkel Heimburger, Cody Still, Nick Road, Ciaran Birch, and Martin Hasseldam.

I should warn you, those who stray from the correct path may be detained indefinitely within the confines of our cryo chamber.

Cryogenesis – We Are All Aliens – Mikkel Heimburger


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Something Wicked This Way Comes

14 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. It does sound intriguing. My latest book which I will release tomorrow is my homage to SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES and my birthday present to myself. How coincidental is that? But you have a soundtrack!!! I am so jealous. I will be here to see and hear. Best of success with it.

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  2. Cryo chamber? ugh!!

    Hope you’re doing ok, Sam 🙂

    But yay for Denise and Yolanda’s event this month– I can’t join in cos of the epically busy situation I’m in, but everyone who can, should join in. It will be tons of fun.


  3. Looking forward to the nightmares you all are going to give me. Sounds like I’m going to need therapy… or maybe just more wine. 😉


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