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Into Oblivion

Our Realms Faire journey ‘Into Oblivion’ continues with Chapter 4. Join us for a serial adventure inspired by the music of composer, Cody Still. Listen to the featured album selections and choose the correct track that sparked each chapter and you’re entered to WIN 2 digital albums by Sub Pub Music!

▶ Submit your track selection for each chapter in the comments section below! 5 chances to enter. One entry per person/per day. Open internationally.

 ▶ A bonus challenge will be unveiled November 14th, where you’ll have the chance to WIN signed album art!

▶ The commenting window for all chapters will remain open until Monday, Nov. 17th, midnight EST!

▶ Winners will be announced on November 18th. Three winners will be randomly selected to receive digital albums, Ununpentium and Involution.

Chapter 4
Inspired by
by Samantha Redstreake Geary

Several days passed in a blur of smoke and mirrors, as Cody witnessed the innovative passion Leonardo demonstrated while pulled under the magnetic patronage of the Duke of Milan. Leonardo’s newly-appointed residence was a storm of sketches and scribbled revelations, barely penned to paper before new ideas took flight.

Leonardo burned countless candles bent over Cody’s arm, his curiosity an insatiable moth drawn to the blue-licked flames that pulsed between the gleaming metal bones of the New World invention.

Read the rest of CHAPTER 4, listen to the music, and wager a guess, HERE!

Realms Faire BadgeWelcome to Realms Faire, an annual event hosted by Dimensions in Fiction author, M. Pax. The virtual festival kicks off November 10th, featuring several themed events where fans can play to win some amazing prizes, including books, albums, giftcards, and more! Visit the links below and help spread the word! #grogz

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