IMAGINE: Epic Music Inspires

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Welcome to the biggest Epic Music event of the year! In celebration of YouTube powerhouse, EpicMusicVn‘s 2 year anniversary, we’ve gathered leaders of the epic music industry for an unprecedented, global collaboration. 

Tap into your imagination and show us how Epic Music inspires YOU! Fans will be rewarded with exclusive signed albums, artwork, t-shirts and worldwide exposure, not to mention the respect and admiration of composers & music fans everywhere!

Try your hand at video editing and blow us away with a book trailer that captures the essence of Two Steps From Hell’s Colin Frake enhanced iBook—featuring the world’s first live symphony orchestra book soundtrack!

Want audiomachine fans everywhere to wear YOUR t-shirt design? Give it a shot, in the Engineers of Epic Machine Head Challenge!

How about showing your friends a title design you crafted for the cover of Really Slow Motion’s next public release, OF MIST AND MAGIC?

And if spinning a Steampunk tale is up your writerly alley, then channel your inner Viking and enter Epic North’s THE CONQUERORS flash fiction challenge, inspired by the music and cover art of their film industry release, ARCADIA!

Join EpicMusicVn, official event designer, Koke Núñez Gómez, leaders of the film music industry, and a cool cast of characters, for an unforgettable journey through epic music’s IMAGINE!





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