Let It Go

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I’ve learned a valuable lesson recently. The unforgiving mistress of time management has dealt yet another backhand of reality, forcing me to reassess my priorities. With Ash Wednesday now upon us, I’ve decided to surrender something I enjoy immensely that will appease the fickle forces of time.

No, it’s not coffee — that would be blasphemous and barmy. Our society doesn’t need another non-functioning citizen in its corner. I’m talking about distractions. You know, the shiny new ideas, fun flashers flash fictions, virtual social gatherings with an open tab and cheeky challenges that polish your banter. I really enjoy all these tempting diversions. They pair nicely with my cup of motivation coffee. But, they don’t help me accomplish my main objectives.

In the wise words of the brilliant composer team, Robert Lopez and his wife, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, whose enchanting song “Let It Go” took home an Oscar:

“It’s time to see what I can do,
to test the limits and break through.”

Which, roughly translated from Disney-speak, means it’s time for me to let go of shiny diversions and really focus my abilities on bringing to life an exciting novel series — the details of which, I’ll be releasing on March 21st for the A to Z Theme Reveal.

FINAL A to Z Theme Reveal

Why am I participating and helping out with #TeamDamyanti in this year’s A to Z Challenge? Aside from the incredible, meaningful connections that were made during my first challenge last year, it was the driving force behind my first novel. I’m channeling that same passion this year into an even bigger project! The Challenge is far from a distraction — it’s incentive to capture the imaginations of a global audience. Daily interactions with readers and fellow authors fuel my desire to deliver a unique and memorable experience — to push the boundaries and see what I can do!

Beyond the BindingSpeaking of incentives, I have a special prize for those lovely folks who help support the much needed relief efforts in the Philippines and leave reviews for the Composers for Relief collaborative ebook, “Beyond the Binding“, by April 1st. One lucky reviewer will be awarded immortality! And when I say immortality, I mean capturing your likeness and name as an enduring fictional character in my current novel! Trust me — you’ll want to be a part of this!

Available on Amazon & Smashwords in all ebook formats and listed on Goodreads


How do you focus on your main objective and avoid distractions? What’s your motivation behind joining the A to Z Challenge? Are you interested in being immortalized in fiction by leaving a review?


28 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. Push those boundaries. =) You never know how much you can accomplish until you try, and I’ve always been particularly fond of the saying, “I shot for the stars and hit the mountain tops. Good thing I wasn’t aiming for the mountain tops.”


  2. Thanks for reminding me I MUST get that post ready for the 21st. ! I keep losing that note to myself. Arrg! Here’s to giving up something as long as you’re wise enough to know it can not be coffee. 🙂


  3. That song meant so much for me, I shuddered when I heard it for the first time. Go work for your dream and write your novel! Dragon and dwarves will be cheering for you. 🙂


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