Whole Made Of Pieces

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Whole Made Of Pieces – Jonsi

We can instantly connect to another human being clear across the world and share in their trials and tribulations. We can read something stirring from another continent. We can hear the music of emotions pour from across the sea. We can see a breathtaking rendering from beyond our boundaries. This global community goes beyond physical distance–it transcends our spirits. We are linked by our hopes and dreams, by our fears and faults, by our need to matter.

We all matter.

Never stop reaching out to each other, helping each other, guiding each other. Someone, somewhere is in need of a meal, a bed, a laugh, a hug, a shoulder to cry on…to lean on. Our thoughtfulness, our acknowledgment can make all the difference.

There is no wisdom greater than kindness.

To my wise dragon friend, Al Diaz, I promise to be a powerful piece of this amazing whole–this community built upon compassion and respect. I will strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those I touch, whether across the sea or beyond our boundaries.

Golden Scale AwardWhat will you strive for this holiday season?


17 thoughts on “Whole Made Of Pieces

  1. Father Dragon will be pleased that you are using the pristine version of his badge. Wonderful sentiment you’ve expressed here. The Internet has put so many like-minded people in instant touch with one another. It’s truly awesome how we can support one another and be a part of each other’s lives even though we live cross-country or even in another country.
    December IWSG co-host


  2. Hi Samantha,

    Well stated and with the passion of the words that embrace the ideals that we adhere to. Al’s celebration, a collective unity of like minds. A powerful, positive, peaceful outcome.

    Thank you for your thoughtful articulation.

    Gary 🙂


  3. Thank you very much, Sam. This whole year has resulted in a magic experience for me. I’ve never thought I would find so many people with common interests and similar way of thinking. I’m very glad that you have accepted the award and even happier we came to be such good friends. Thank you again! Dragon Hugs.


  4. What a lovely post — and you’re so right. You never know when a few carefully chosen words can make someone miles away feel better. Thanks for the reminder about our power and responsibility. 😀


  5. Such true words! I love this global community. It doesn’t matter anymore where we live, we have the ability to reach out and help others. Father Dragon has touched the hearts of many!


  6. What beautiful prose to describe such an important aspect of this season. It’s not what we gift to family and friends that matters, but what we offer to those without. Father Al made a great choice in awarding you!
    And thank you HUGE for your kind words and congrats! I’m on cloud nine!


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