EXISTENCE: Realms Faire Collective Performance_Chapter 1

Realms FaireRealms Faire is an annual event hosted by the brilliant indie science fiction and fantasy author M. Pax. Starting November 11th, you can enter to win some amazing prizes, including books, ebooks, jewelry, albums, giftcards, and a Kindle. There are several fun events where playing is the name of the game! Visit the links below and help spread the word. Hashtag #grogz

Joust ~ Drench-a-Wench/Soak-a-Bloke ~ Stockade Brigade ~ Dueling Bards ~ Phasers ~ Masquerade ParadeCastle Jumble ~ Dragon Hunt


audiomachine_EXISTENCEWelcome to the world of EXISTENCE

Each day, author Amy Willoughby-Burle and I, will unveil tales of “The Last Immortal”, inspired by audiomachine’s EXISTENCE. This is a collective performance, a collaboration between words and music! Choose the correct track that inspired each tale, and you’ll be entered to WIN SIGNED EXISTENCE albums by composer Kevin Rix! You’ll have 5 chances to enter, starting Nov. 11th through the 15th. The commenting window for all chapters will remain open until Sunday Nov. 17th, midnight EST! For more details, click HERE!


by Samantha Redstreake Geary

The skittering of rocks echoes off the slick walls, jolting me from my slumber. The boy has returned. He smells of the salty sea, his sweat heavy with honeyed anticipation.

“I’ve…I’ve come back…hope that’s alright. I…I brought you some of my Mum’s fish pie,” the boy offers, holding out a small package wrapped in worn cloth, tied loosely with weathered string.

I search the boy’s damp face for signs of fear. I find only daring. He is spirited, more so than even the bravest of men. I, above all others, have haunted the imagination of mortals.  ▶ Read the rest of Chapter 1 and wager a guess in the comments section of the main page HERE



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