Gary’s Anti-Blogfest!

GaryBlogButtonA tongue and cheek blog hop in honor of Mr. anti-blog hop himself, my dear friend, witty wordsmith, and fellow Tree of Life contributor, Gary Philip Pennick!

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Without further ado, the top 3 blogfests that should never see the light of day:

The Dog Ate My Music:  A grueling countdown of your favorite country songs!

Grammar Slammer:  Most popular ways to slaughter the English language!

Decaf Delirium:  A caffeine-free month of stringing incoherent sentences together!


13 thoughts on “Gary’s Anti-Blogfest!

  1. Hey WriterlySam,

    Or, hey Samantha! You are very nice to me, yes me, shy and humble me. I’m almost blushing.

    Three cringe-worthy blogfests I wouldn’t join. Country music. Always the same theme. My wife’s left me, the dawg is dead and my pick-up truck wont start.

    Grammar and I wonder if I should write in American English. That would be a colorful affair. Apologies to my English, English spell check.

    I must try a caffeine-free month. What am I saying? Well done and no, I wouldn’t even join a real blogfest! 🙂



  2. Thanks for your entertaining contributions and for stopping by my place, Samantha. I live in country music lovers land. It’s a good thing I like country music. That blogfest would probably do well around here.

    Be well.


  3. A triple no-no to your batch of blogfest boo boos!
    Imagine a combo of the three? A Caffeine-Withdrawal Country Song Slammer… where bloggyland is flooded by thousands of caffeine-starved participants who are powerless to avoid posting about country songs… the good, the bad, the ugly!


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