Many Branches, One Tree

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Inspiring Soundtrack: Audiomachine – Tree of Life

For this month’s post, I want to send my heartfelt thanks to the talented group of writers that exceeded the Tree of Life: Branching Out challenge I set out before them in a way I never would have dreamed.

Each of these writers possess a unique gift for the written word. They collectively merged their storytelling skills to create an overwhelmingly beautiful saga, wrought with meaning and woven with the essence of music.

With each new voice, the epic tale grew, branching out in unique ways that reflected the individual while honoring the whole.

I am in awe of their abilities, their strength, their enthusiasm and their support.

I may have planted the seed, but it is you who breathed life into it. Rooted in passion, it thrived on your imagination.

You are the branches of this, the Tree of Life.

It is an honor to have worked with you, and on behalf of audiomachine and myself, I cannot thank you enough for the incredible journey…treeoflife_branchingout_badge

Amy Willoughby-Burle, John Wiswell, M. Pax, Al Diaz, Gary Philip Pennick, DL Hammons, Susan Scott, Ruth Long, Djinnia, Daniel Swensen, KC Hunter, Shannon Kenoyer Lawrence, Tina Downey, Beverly Fox, Michelle Wallace, Mina Lobo, Gwen Gardner, Angela Brown, Lisa Shambrook, Sarah Wesson, Leighton Williams, Elise Fallson, Vidya Sury, Damyanti Biswas and C. Lee McKenzie

Tree of Life Composers:
Paul Dinletir
Kevin Rix
Danail Getz
Jeff Marsh
Steffan Michael Koch
John A. Graves

Special thanks to:

Marc D’Amour of audiomachine, for his continued support of this project!

Jennifer Redstreake Geary who gave our collaboration a visually stunning logo!



14 thoughts on “Many Branches, One Tree

  1. Entirely my pleasure to be part of this talented group, Sam. “Coffee”, such a magic word! I am glad we’re connected and would be honored to be part of any collaborative writing experiences in the future. Ah, how I wish this story would go on!


  2. I have to return that thanks right back to you, Sam. Being included in this amazing group of writers has been such an honor I can’t even say. And this project has explored more than my single imagination could ever come up with alone. I loved the music prompt- I’m not experienced with that and it was such an interesting process. And seeing where the story with each new entry and trying to find your part in it is a fascinating endeavor. Really, it’s been so rewarding- so again, THANK YOU. We are all in your debt.


  3. Merci, Sam! It has been an amazing journey and I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of it. Without you, none of this could have been possible. I raise my glass to you, Sam–Cheers! 🙂


  4. “IWSG” aka “I Was Seeking Gary” meets the first Wednesday of every month. A community of brilliant writers. Thank you so much for this! It does make me all weepy n’stuff that you do this. Okay, my delusional moment is over.

    Kudos to you, Samantha, for getting the Tree of Life project so well organised. Hope you get some chill-out time. I’m in awe of you and all those writers who contributed.

    Thanks again and sadly, I must leave and head back to my blog.

    Gary 🙂


  5. Thanks for including me, Sam. It was a pleasure to be able to contribute so early on. I’m bummed I’ll be out of town and with no internet Friday to learn the big revelation, but the story thus far has been a blast.


  6. Sam, thank you for extending the invitation and including me in this collaborative project. I was hesitant at first, wondering whether I’d have anything meaningful to contribute to such an awesome project! But I’m so glad that I did. It’s been an amazing experience watching the story take shape, and an honour to work alongside a group of such talented people. 🙂 🙂


  7. Thank YOU Sam for inviting me. I was very hesitant, and scared, knowing some of the other writers with so much more experience and many more published works. I felt like I was out of my league, but I took the leap and I’m so glad I did. It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve never used music as a prompt before, but found it to be very inspiring and a really unique way to write. I’ve learned so much.
    Thanks for your constant encouragement and your help throughout all of this. If you ever want me for a project again, I’m in!
    Tina @ Life is Good


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