Tree of Life: Imagination Collaboration

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Inspiring Soundtrack: Audiomachine – The Great Unknown – TREE OF LIFE

Today, I want to talk about inspiration. As writers, we find inspiration in many things. Whether it’s music or art, photography or nature, family or friends, love or loss…we are surrounded by endless opportunities to unlock our creative potential. Wherever your key inspiration lies, its what drives us to be better each and every time we create.

Never underestimate your ability to achieve your dreams! As a writer, the seeds of greatness have already been planted, let it take root and grow with each nurturing word. No matter what happens in your life, don’t lose sight of your passion for storytelling — it’s woven into the fabric of your being. If you set it aside, you’ll lose a crucial part of yourself. Use the harsh lessons of life to fuel your words — you never know when those words will influence others to do the same…

I’m taking this opportunity to extend an invitation to my fellow writerly friends and treasured readers to join me on an exciting journey through the imagination, driven by what inspires us!

I am collaborating with the major motion picture production house, Audiomachine, on a unique promotion for their next album release, Tree of Life. Audiomachine will be promoting the event on all social media platforms to help spread the word to a wide audience!

Tree of Life

Beginning July 15th, I’ll be revealing daily excerpts of a brand new serial solely inspired by the Tree of Life album. There will be approximately 26 posts, each highlighting an album track. When the story is complete, readers will be able to vote for their favorite posts. Three lucky commenters from the top three posts, who’ve previously “liked” Audiomachine’s FB page (and, should they feel moved to “like” My FB page, I won’t stop ‘em) will be eligible for “fan prizes”, such as autographed Audiomachine albums and exciting new releases from your favorite authors!

treeoflife_branchingout_badgeIn addition to this endeavor, I’ll be hosting a “Tree of Life: Branching Out” writing challenge for guest writers, each contributing their own 150 word excerpt to a continuing story collectively written over the course of 25 days. These clever masters of the craft will spin the story in whatever direction they choose, picking up where the previous writer left off, resulting in the ultimate collaborative tale. They, too, will discover what magic the music unlocks! Custom badges will be created for this event for all participating writers!

When the collective story is complete, fans will have a chance to vote for their favorite guest excerpt — the top three writers will be awarded prizes, which will include autographed copies of Audiomachine’s new album, original signed tree-inspired artwork and Biltmore Coffee Traders coffee! The first guest writer will post on July 15th, the second on the 16th and so on until August 9th.

Whoa! I, for one, will be consuming a fairly substantial amount of coffee in the next few weeks:) I hope you all will join us during this exciting collaboration – where music unlocks the imagination!

Attention Writers: If you have a new release coming up and would like to promote it during this collaboration by offering a copy as one of the prizes, give me a shout:) All prize contributors will be promoted, daily, during the event. This is an incredible opportunity to expose your work!


I appreciate feedback, so comment, critique or just banter to your heart’s content! Should you leave a really awesome comment, I may share my fair-trade, shade-grown, bird-sanctuary, organic coffee with you:) Or, if you leave a link to your site, I can just pop in and say something witty after polishing off a cup or two!


25 thoughts on “Tree of Life: Imagination Collaboration

  1. What inspiring words! I want to print them out and put them in my writing journal to cheer me up when my inner critic pops up again. “Woven into the fabric of your being”. Just gorgeous!

    And I am SO in to contribute 150 words- that sounds like it’s going to be a blast! Thanks so much for inviting me- I’m super psyched! And any stomping I can do for the event on my blog- whether on certain days or just wehenever- I am more than happy to do. Just let me know and i’ll post.

    Really, so psyched. You rock!


    • I really appreciate you taking the time to join in the fun, Mary:) You are a brilliant writer! I cannot wait to see what you add to this story *And I’ve got the perfect track to appeal to your poetic soul*


    • Don’t I know it, Lexa! I’m working on my story now:) Audiomachine graciously sent me the music files so I could get a head start before the album’s official release. I’m hoping to have it finished before the event launch so I can focus on my guest writers and readers.


  2. Yay! Getting excited for this. Happy to be a part of it! You’re so right about keeping your passion close at hand too. It’s so easy to get bogged down by all the little everythings that come up in a day—some of which are important and some of which aren’t. It’s easy to lose sight of which is which. Thanks for the inspiration!!


    • Little things, like offspring and furry four-legged menaces, can certainly grind productivity to a screeching halt:) Here’s hoping we make it through domestic life unscathed, with our published novels intact!


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