Vengeance (Part Three of Revenant)


ev01 by JungShan

My excerpt for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. Click on over to these talented writers to preview some amazing stories!

A dark twist on the origins of the tooth fairy. To read part one: Revenant part two: Thodia

Featured Artist:JungShan

Inspiring Soundtrack: James Newton Howard – The Bad Color – The Village Soundtrack


The king, in his desperate attempt to save his daughter’s life, condemned her spirit to an eternity of darkness. His mind, poisoned with rage, devised a sinister plan to exact his revenge against the Gods by striking down their mortal children.

The nefarious intentions of the king were carried out by the reluctant revenant, her will bound to the talisman held fast within his relentless grip.

With each tooth she stole from under the slumbering forms of the kingdom’s youth, his power over their mortal souls grew. The king’s thirst for vengeance drained the land of hope, his plague ripping the essence from their innocents.

This is how I became a ghost of the girl I once was, the shell of my humanity slowly crumbling under my growing hatred.

I despise the monster my father has become – the monster he’s made of me.

It is time for his reign of terror to end…


© 2013 Samantha Redstreake Geary

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