Thodia (Part Two of Revenant)


Revenant by Laura Ferreira

My excerpt for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. Click on over to these talented writers to preview some amazing stories!

A dark twist on the origins of the tooth fairy. To read Part One, click on Revenant.

Featured Artist:Laura Ferreira

Inspiring Soundtrack: James Newton Howard -Death Favors No Man – Snow White & the Huntsman


The tale of my origin spread across the lands, spilling from the lips of mortal parents into the eager ears of their gullible young. Over the centuries my legend adapted – keeping to the oral tradition of storytelling – it evolved farther away from truth.

The truth is not nearly as lyrical.

Millennia ago, on the island of Crete, there lived a fearful king whose youngest daughter was drowned in the Aegean Sea by a vengeful sea god. The king, mad with grief, petitioned the Gods for the means to resurrect his lost child. An oracle was charged with the task of creating a revenant that would enable her spirit to return from the grave.

Though the young girl’s life had been restored, the frightening entity showed little resemblance to the king’s beloved child.

Her innocent soul, pulled from peace and poisoned with dark magic, was imprisoned in the body of a monster.


© 2013 Samantha Redstreake Geary

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18 thoughts on “Thodia (Part Two of Revenant)

  1. Intriguing beginning. Really like it. 🙂

    Had a problem with one sentence: “The king’s progeny had returned, though the frightening entity showed little resemblance to his beloved youth.”
    Somehow “progeny” here seems to remote, detached. And “youth” tends to refer to boys rather than girls.


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