Architects of Illusion

Join me on a journey through the magical setting of Architects of Illusion, a young adult fantasy novel series inspired by the land and legacy of Biltmore Estate.

Biltmore transforms into a world rich in Greek mythology, where statues draw breath, legendary creatures abound, and the fate of mankind lies in the hands of those chosen by the Muses.

Day 30_Biltmore

” There are paths that draw us, despite the danger. A change of course captures our curiosity, challenging us to leave the comfort and embrace the chaos. Our destiny is a series of doors, each one leading to a lesson, however brief and uncertain. It’s within our power to choose between the accepted and the undiscovered. There’s always a chance that we will fail. But, even in the face of failure, there is growth. It’s in the grips of growing when fate finds its footing. You must hold fast the key that unlocks the door to your courage, for on the other side lies greatness.”

Day 14 Playlist: R. Armando Morabito - Rising Force (feat. Tina Guo) - Days of Tomorrow The gates of Olympus are closely guarded by the Lions of Nemea, powerful masonry mammals crafted by Hephaistos and commanded by Hera. Armed with impenetrable coats, lethal claws, and deadly cunning, these formidable foes fear neither god nor monster.

As a participant in The Great Discontent & Elle Luna‘s #The100DayProject, I featured photographs of my Biltmore adventures spun with a fantastical twist and paired with a playlist showcasing the Muse of music!

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All images & text © Samantha Redstreake Geary 2015

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Our collaborative #ProjectImagination trailer for Ron Howard, Josh Hutcherson & Canon, pays homage to the storytellers and dreamers, artists & creatives who’ve given us the greatest gift there is. Inspiration.

Day 25_Biltmore

Beneath the Stone photo shoot featuring model, Rachel Peniston.

Story & Narration by Samantha Redstreake Geary
Music by Kevin Rix of audiomachine
Directed & Filmed by Daniel Peniston
Video Editing by Braelyn Whiteside
Starring Rachel Peniston

The tragic tale of Artemis & Orion reimagined through the eyes of a writer. A historic estate in Asheville, NC, transforms into a place of myth & magic when dusk descends and statues draw breath.

*Characters and storyline featured from Architects of Illusion

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