Tree of Life: Branching Out Featuring John Wiswell

treeoflife_branchingout_badgeWelcome to the TREE OF LIFE: Branching Out collaborative writing challenge, where creative minds meet epic movie music. To read the collective story in its entirety as it unfolds and for more details on this groundbreaking collaboration with Audiomachine click HERE.

Today’s featured guest writer is the remarkably facetious John Wiswell. To delve further into his unparalleled imagination, visit The Bathroom Monologues for something you don’t see everyday–updated daily.

Inspiring Soundtrack: Audiomachine – Rebirth – Tree of Life

Wind jostled the canopy until all boughs fanned west, then east, west, then east. They could have been waving to the land’s first visitor in too long, and every eastward wave causing their limbs to green further.

She couldn’t stop herself from smiling, and eventually looked to the oncoming visitor, wondering how to explain what was happening to someone from abroad. He was obscured behind his horse, which was perilously tall, with an ashen mane that stood out against the increasingly verdant surroundings. Every time one of its hooves touched the ground, weeds sprouted and unfurled. Everywhere its eyes ticked, there dry bushes budded, as though eager to catch its attention.

The miracles of its hooves were so entrancing that she missed the man peering around the horse’s side to smile at her. He had brown hair, brown eyes, a brown shirt, and so many freckles that there was scarcely room for flesh. The horse whinnied at him, and she saw a sunflower spring out from behind his left earlobe. The man chuckled, plucked it free and twiddled it at her.


© 2013 John Wiswell

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