Finale Tribute for Tree of Life: Branching Out

This epic Finale Tribute was created by the talented Elise Fallson!

They’ve given their voice to the music and now it’s time to cast YOUR VOTE for favorite chapter in the Tree of Life: Branching out story! Submit your vote via MESSAGE to Sam’s FB page until August 17th! Two lucky commenters will be selected to win signed Tree of Life albums.

Audiomachine will also choose their top three favorite excerpts! The writers of these winning posts will be awarded audiomachine’s new Tree of Life album, autographed by the celebrated composer, Paul Dinletir.

Winners will be announced August 18th! Visit Tree of Life: Branching Out Collaboration to read the epic tale in its entirety!


What do you think about the Branching Out collaboration? Are you a new slap-happy fan of audiomachine? Have you used music to inspire your imagination?