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shopping-cart-daredevils-kids-shirts_designFor my FridayFlash crew and all the parents out there who’ve had days like these:) 

Inspiring Soundtrack: The Parent Rap – Bluefish TV

Such a calm and docile Mom was Jennifer Jay
Such a model parent in almost every way

She had twin boys, mischievous and spry
Testing her limits daily, they were sneaky and sly
Taunting with their antics for every passerby

Sanity was a balancing act she won from sheer will
The scales never tipped
An especially trying grocery trip had given her fill
And the calm and docile Mom wanted to kill

The tether finally snapped around aisle three
If animals could eat their offspring, then so could she

Her blood pressure soared, her vision blurred
The rushing of rage was all that she heard
With expletives vying for first seething word

The dam had broken, time to mop up the floor
With the pair of little stinkers bolting for the door
Jennifer Jay was angry now, burning to the core
After that
They didn’t shop with Mommy anymore


© 2013 Samantha Redstreake Geary

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