The Magic of Muggles

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Eleven years ago today, on a misty southern morning, a Muggle mother met her magical little girl. A willful bundle of beauty, the wee baby was so enamored with the waking world that she never slept for more than a wink. As her wispy charm grew, so did her uncanny ability to transform the everyday into the extraordinary. With the soul of an artist and mind of an inventor, the young girl was bound for nothing short of greatness.

She sought the stories of others, like herself, who were kind, creative and courageous. Stories that stirred her imagination. Stories that encouraged daring and dreaming. She discovered kindred spirits in the characters created by a renowned Muggle mind, and they made an indelible mark on her journey to becoming who she is meant to be.

Muggles possess their own kind of magic. It is a simple, yet powerful force of positive energy that, once cast, will guide and protect and strengthen the spirit.

The power to INSPIRE is the most potent Patronus in our arsenaluse it well.


Really Slow Motion – ELEVATION – Eternal courage – Cesc Vilà Aulina

Happy 11th Birthday dear Isabelle!

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