Love Notes

Love Notes Art Quilt by Susan Redstreake Geary (Mom)

Love Notes Art Quilt by Susan Redstreake Geary (Mom)

When is the last time you sent someone a love note? Not the hastily scrawled flirtation with glittering hearts and crinkled notebook paper   meant for a middle school crush, but the sharing of something genuine.

A hand-scribbled post-it of appreciation. A thoughtful message. A supportive email. A compassionate text. A cheerful tweet. In a world where everything rushes by in a blink of an eye, we tend to lose track of what’s worthwhile.

The real currency in this world isn’t money. It’s kindness.

Our lives are a patchwork of moments connected by a running stitch of light and dark. The shade of thread is up to you. Every moment of compassion and respect, courtesy and love, brightens the pattern.

Let this be my love note to you. For your time and support, unfailing encouragement and unwavering optimism, loyal friendship and endless inspiration, and love–I thank you. You add light to my life. 

Hugs, Sam

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