Character Driven

As writers, we need to be more mindful when weaving literary worlds, for they have the power to impact the real one in which we live. Life is bumpy enough a road without writing ourselves into a hopeless ditch, where dystopia takes the wheel, and diversity the back seat. Fiction bleeds into reality through the veins of media, and it’s high time we replace it with new blood, preferably B Positive.   

If we’re to change the world for the better, we must shift our reflection of it. We must create characters that command respect and embrace every culture, creed and chromosome. We must stop feeding the public insurmountable obstacles that starve them of hope and start proposing effective ways to overcome them. Our role isn’t to spread despair, but to conquer it. Life is character driven, and we’ve only one draft to get it right, so make your mark and make it matter.


Man, those were a lot of groans I heard out there when you read my title. Yeah, I know.  Don’t you hate it when you visit a blog only to see the same article about some darn new book you’ve already read on the past 10 blogs? But not here!  Thanks to my low boredom threshold, this post will be unlike any of the others I will write on my DON’T YOU HATE BOOK TOURS? Book Tour.

You want testimonials?  Hey, I got one…from Stephen King yet: “I could not put down Roland’s new book!  The moron put super-glue on the cover of the copy he sent me!”

You want SEX? (Me, too … but that’s another story all together). Here is a quote from my book that Stephen King cannot put down:

“McCord, I will make your last moments such ecstasy that you will not notice when I drink your soul.”

“Ah, could I take a rain-check on that?”

You want the blasted title of my new book?  Jeez, you want a lot, don’t you?

Oh, and NOW you want to know what it is about!  Man, you guys want a lot.

Think an insane Abraham Lincoln and a vampiric Benjamin Franklin out to kill the Texas Ranger who foiled their schemes on his honeymoon aboard the XANADU, the first Air/Steamship in 1867.

Think a bumbling Mark Twain and 11 year old Nikola Tesla making matters worse.

Think an evil immortal (no, not immoral! Jeez, I know where your minds are at!) woman trying to reign in her cruelty so as to hold onto her new husband for just a few days more.

Think mailing me $1000.  Ah, too much, huh?

And revealing my decided lack of humility, here is the audiomachine  music I would play in the movie adaptation of my novel when Captain Nemo fires upon the flying Xanadu as it blasts its own weapons at the Nautilus in a dizzying duel of futuristic vessels.

audiomachine – Chronicles – Sands of Time – Paul Dinletir

Do you guys imagine your novels becoming movies?  Aw, c’mon.  You know you do!  🙂

Come this March, you, too, can board the Xanadu for an adventure of a lifetime!  Passage only $9.99. Book your tickets HERE!

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