Surviving the A to Z


RayRay and Lucy

For those of you who are interested in reading the novel excerpts that were revealed during the A-Z, you can find a handy list on The Essence of Memory Series page.

First off, many thanks to those who helped host this challenge, I wish I could send all of you bottles of celebratory wine!

I started this WP site at the tail end of February, without the slightest idea about blogging. I simply wanted a central location for my writing and novel updates. I never imagined I’d enter a month-long posting challenge. But, I have to say, it was an awesome experience! The best part of the whole crazy mess was meeting tons of new bloggers, many of whom are extremely talented, unique, hilarious and inspiring *you know who you are*. I will be following many of you beyond the finish line and for those on the list I didn’t get to visit, I’ll be stopping by whenever time allows.

Aside from consuming well beyond the daily recommended allowance of coffee and scrambling for spare time, the month of April was a success. The ancient Greek serial I posted for the challenge became a strong foundation for my YA novel series! Looking back, however, I should of planned the posts beforehand and saved myself a great deal of procrastinating-induced stress *shakes head at lack of forethought*. Writing new scenes daily, mere moments before they were due, may not have been the best approach. Not to mention linking a soundtrack and seeking out cover art that reflected the emotion of each tale, again, at the last minute. And somehow, during the chaos that ensued, I was able to visit those who commented and those patiently waiting on the linky list.

I plan on planning ahead for next year. This being my first A to Z Challenge , I’ve learned a few things that might come in handy for the next go around. First, coffee does not replace sleep *sleep deprivation can lead to zombie-like symptoms* Second, locking oneself in the bathroom to avoid offspring interruptions is not a sure-fire way to make progress *must leave the house* Third, under no circumstances should you get a puppy in the middle of the challenge when you’re barely treading water *shakes fist at the impenetrable cuteness puppies possess* That would be my youngest offspring picking out her border collie puppy from a local farm. Now that we have a farm dog, I’m guessing we need a farm *keeps looking for sheep under the couch*

Now that I’ve grown accustomed to this crazy schedule of writing nightly till the crack a$$ of dawn, I’m going to stick with it *well, maybe every other night* and finish my novel before the puppy eats my power cord!

Cheers! Sam