Keeping Score


I’ve had an affinity for music all my life. Not just any music, mind you. Film scores.

By the time I was ten, I could play entire soundtracks on the 100-year-old upright piano my supportive parents purchased from an Old West saloon in New Mexico. I had a knack for playing by ear and a photographic memory for music, which both infuriated and delighted my music teacher. There was no sheet music for what I wanted to play, so I stopped reading notes and surrendered to the scores of music stored in my head.

Even as a child, films pulled me in, not by the storyline or special effects, but by the power of their music! It was the musical genius of composers that brought movies to life! My imagination thrived on a steady influential diet of Hans Zimmer, John Williams, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, Alexandre Desplat, Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore, John Barry, Rachel Portman and Danny Elfman, to name a few.

Even now, the music of motion pictures stirs my creativity, each line of prose lured by the siren song of instruments whispering stories. Apparently, I’ve acquired a fondness for the sound of ivory keys striking antique strings, since I still play scores by ear, on a 1935 baby grand.

When Alex J. Cavanaugh asked the writing community to recommend their favorite “treasures”, I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my most cherished musical journeys.

A treasure trove of inspiration awaits!






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10 thoughts on “Keeping Score

  1. Wow, so much amazing music! I just introduced my tiny writer’s group to the film the Red Violin. The music is so beautiful, as is the others you posted. Thanks for sharing these, and I really liked your tribute to Tina also…


  2. You know I love music and score music is my favorite as you find that you can escape to your favorite films or create a new adventure in your mind. I recently took a trip and I had hours of uptempo scores music, rolling with me for this 12 hour drive and when I stopped for gas… people didn’t hear the latest Katey Perry song, rather the epics sounds of Indiana Jones.

    I would have chosen film music as my choice, so much is underrated, where would I start… now if I could just check up on some of that glorious “trailer music”… wink, wink…


  3. Very cool lists. My friend and I often talk music and inspiration. She loves the epic songs and is always testing new sounds on me. I think you two would get along quite well. 🙂


  4. What a gift to be able to play music. I listen to all sorts of music whilst I write (that sometimes includes silence, which stirs its own music) and I shall listen to some of the music you have shared here whilst I work on my new project 9which is keeping me from blogging quite so frequently).


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